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Welcome to Dinners 4 U by Country Fayre

Would you like a hot meal delivered to you at home?

Dinners 4 U by Country Fayre can deliver a meal at lunchtime for you
from 1 to 7 days a week. 
A well established catering company since 1989, providing a hot meal delivery service direct into the homes of the elderly and less abled. Delivering meals at lunchtime. All our meals are cooked fresh everyday, using only the finest ingredients (we constantly strife to maintain the quality of our food and service), and use as much locally grown produce as we can, all meats are cooked on the premises, pies are home made, vegetables are hand prepared by ourselves, and the majority of our desserts are home baked.

The hot meals consist of a portion of meat, whether it be lamb, beef, pork, turkey, chicken, stews, casseroles, pies, sausage, fish etc. With a serving of potatoe - mash, new, roast or other, three portions of hand prepared vegetables and gravy. As an alternative from a hot dinner a plated salad can be chosen.

We have maintained a health and hygiene certificate with a maximum five stars.


The desserts can be hot including rice and other milk puddings, sponge, crumble or pie all served with custard, or a cold dessert ranging from strawberries, gateaux, cheesecake all served with cream to a decorated slice of homemade cake.

Clients can choose to have either a dinner on its own (prices start from £5.00 per day), a dinner and pudding (prices start from £5.50 per day), or a dinner, pudding and tea, (prices start from £8.00 per day), a tea consists of a sandwich  accompanied by a savory such as a sausage roll, cornish pastie etc. it also includes a dessert typically a bun, piece of fruit, slice of cake etc. The tea is delivered at the same time as the lunch and will be put in the clients fridge ready for teatime.

For quality fresh hot meals, call today on  

0113 287 7090 or 0113 286 2961

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